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Clyde Brolin's Overdrive was listed in The Daily Telegraph's top ten sports books of 2010 and shortlisted for the British Sports Book Awards. The book draws on exclusive interviews with 100 of the world's quickest men - from Stirling Moss through to Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel - to reveal the magic of motor racing at the limit and beyond.

Ayrton Senna once famously crushed the Formula 1 field at Monaco while in an apparent trance, an experience that led him to a spiritual rebirth. Overdrive reveals grand prix's greats have all shared aspects of Senna's epiphany at their finest hours. To ride on a thousand screaming horses may seem an unlikely source of inner peace but life at 200mph can lead to surreal effects from slow motion to journeys out of the body.

Within the pages of Overdrive, superstars from a range of other sports confirm this mystical 'Zone' is accessible in any field. Accounts by everyone from astronauts to musicians to stuntmen to chefs indeed prove it is available to all of us. But in motor racing only the masters tame it, bending time and space as they speed to Earthly laps of the gods.

Overdrive is the first book to look deep inside their crash helmets and tell the story of how they do it.

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